Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #12!

Hey! Hi! Hello! Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the regulars! Hope you're all doing fabulously! I'm on my way to a bridal shower today. To be more precise, it's a lingerie and wine shower. My brother is getting married on June 1st to a girl who was pretty much destined to be my sister. We tease and torment each other. I call her princess; she calls me sucky pants. Hell, we've even beach wrestled. I pinned her three times straight, and yet I'm the one who ended up with a bloody nose. Very proud of that battle scar, my friends. But if I could have hand-picked a sister, she would be the one, so on June 1st I will be standing proudly at her side in my shockingly not ugly navy blue dress, and I'll probably cry a little too. Most likely because the high heels will be cutting off my circulation. :D

Anywho, let's talk about fiction now! I'm going to share one final excerpt from my cowboy story, Chasing Destiny. We'll continue from where we left off last week. Yeehaw!

Another drugging kiss like that and she’d take him right there on the floor. But a woman needed to be practical. “So you’re not married?” Her fingers flew over the buttons on his shirt, trying to make quick work of them.
“Nope. You?” He tugged her ponytail loose, burying his fingers in the wavy locks of her hair. He wanted her free from every restraint, she knew, and she was in too deep to give him anything less.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #11!

Hiya, folks! I know I've been talking about the weather quite a lot as of late, but that's kind of a major topic of interest here, especially seeing as how it's SNOWING right now. Yeah-huh. I think I'll just sell all my summer clothing and invest in more winter gear. But, in more positive news, in less than two weeks I'll be finished teachers college! I went back to university in January, 2010 for a second degree. Now, 3.5 years later, I have that second degree and almost a third. I think I'm officially retiring from school after this. Or after the Special Needs online course I'm taking in May. And I might take a few additional qualification courses over the next couple years. But then I'm DONE. :D 

Speaking of doing things, how about we check on my hot little cowboy and his lady friend and see what happened after we left off last week.... 

“How’s that for adventurous?” she panted.
“That’s a good start,” he growled, gathering her in for another lip lock. This time he took the reins. His arms banded her to him. His lips lingered against hers, and when she gave him the barest opening, his tongue swept into her mouth. She shuddered from the impact of the kiss but he held strong, proving to her beyond a shadow of a doubt that the reward was greater than the risk. Being in this man’s arms for a moment was better than a lifetime of unfulfilled dreams.
She knew where this would lead.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #10!

Well, jeez. I didn't even know if I'd make it in time for this week's WWW. We had a spectacular ice storm in these parts. Yes, I said ice. It's April and we're still experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Can someone please punch Mother Nature in the kidneys for me? Actually, I can't really complain. Despite not having power for two days, we stayed warm thanks to our wood stove, which also served as a cooking surface. Perhaps it wasn't the brightest idea to eat wieners, beans, and chili in the same day, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus, it was an excellent way to keep the home fires burning. Anywho, we survived with minimal damage to the trees on our property, and we're now happily defrosting. So, how's about something to warm us all up? Here's another little snippet from my first ever cowboy story, Chasing Destiny.

“I guess you’ve lost your sense of adventure.”
Indignation lit her up like a firecracker. “I have not.” She wanted to slap the no-good know-it-all, but her mind and body weren’t known for their communication skills. So she kissed him. A firm, possessive kiss that caught them both by surprise. Her lips burned from the stubble that grazed his upper lip. Her eyes were open wide, not from fear but adrenaline.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #9!

Hiiiiiiiii! Welcome! The sun is shining (well, it was when I typed this), I won't talk about the birds (because they're demonic and also descendants of velociraptors), and I'm feeeelin' good! Today I'm going to share something new with you, besides my crippling fear of winged creatures. I, for the first time in my life, wrote a cowboy story. *nods* It's called Chasing Destiny, and I kinda like it. Basically, it's about a woman named Lucy Avondale who's stuck in the corporate world, living a life that's painfully lacking in adventure. Her girlfriends buy her horseback riding lessons for her birthday, and she winds up shocking them all by accepting them. To set you up for the scene below, Lucy's disobedient horse, Chester, got spooked and took her wayyyy off the beaten trail. But, to the quadruped's credit, he brought her to a ranch where a certain cowboy lives, and she's, like, totally okay with that....

Leaning against the outer wall of the barn was a man. Her brain didn’t feel the need to register anything beyond that, but her eyes raked him over from toe to head. He wore boots to mid-calf, dark blue jeans that molded perfectly to his thighs, and a plaid shirt with the cuffs rolled up exposing tanned forearms. And the hat. It was a dead giveaway. Here was a guy who seemed to meet the general description of a cowboy, and she was a girl, all alone with this cowboy, except for her annoying horse. Okay, he was slightly less annoying now. She was even prepared to forgive him for the whole trying to kill her thing since it brought her nice and close to Mr. Cowboy Man here.

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