Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #3!

Well, hi there, you crazy kids! Welcome to my blog! It's time once again for another round of Weekend Writing Warriors! Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far! I get an extra long one on account of Family Day tomorrow. It's one of those wacky and wonderful Canadian holidays. Who wouldn't support a day that emphasizes the importance of family? Right? Right. 

Okay, so for the past two weeks I've shared excerpts from my short story called The Cold War. I'm entering it into a contest, so I've been making tweaks along the way. Feel free to add in your two cents as well! Hope you enjoy the continuing story!

“Fight hard, and fight smart!” Mucosa added.



Battle cries filled the air as we charged full speed ahead into the twin tunnels. Instant darkness masked our path. The air was thick, heavy with dampness and uncertainty. I pressed my forehead to the foggy glass and watched in rapt attention as long, spindly arms flapped in the constant wind, impeding our passage. My heart stuttered when in the shadows I caught a glimpse of the cocoons. 

I dare you all to guess what the cocoons are. :D Thanks for reading! Hope you stay tuned! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #2!

Helloooooooo, my dears! Here we are, back again for another Weekend Writing Warriors! Hope you all survived the avalanche of snow. We got over two feet in my neck of the woods. I decided to wait for it to melt before leaving the house, but then I realized that it takes a freaking long time for 28 inches of snow to melt. So I made a snow fort instead. :D 

Last week I shared an excerpt from The Cold War. It's very fitting for this time of year. Here's the next eight sentences!

The two ships' commanders communicated by sound waves.

T minus one minute.”

Mucosa’s troops prepared to enter through the right channel—a last-second strategy and a bold one at that. It was the road less traveled. Unpredictable and dangerous. Olfacto’s nose twitched, a telltale sign that he sensed trouble, but he remained stoic, knowing it was futile to argue with his headstrong counterpart.

T minus thirty seconds.”

“Stand your ground!” Olfacto encouraged.

I've been making some changes to this story as I go along. I plan on entering it into a contest. So please feel free to make suggestions. And while you're here, take a minute and enter my first ever blog hop contest! Click me! Wishing you all a spectacular Sunday! :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love is in the Air Blog Hop!

Helloooooo, my friends! Welcome to the Love is in the Air Blog Hop hosted by Under the Covers! Make yourselves comfortable. I have rum punch, cinnamon hearts, and freshly baked peanut butter cookies waiting for you. If you're allergic to peanuts, coming within five miles of this blog is probably a bad idea. 

Valentine's Day...Is anyone else visibly shuddering? For single women, the date is like a giant neon flashing billboard sign of a reminder that you're dateless, you probably won't be getting any flowers or chocolate unless you buy them for yourself, and you probably won't be getting...well, any. ;) So slip into those stretchy sweats and settle in for a night of sappy chick flicks, you pathetic loser, you. 

Okay, maybe it's not that bad. And this year, oddly enough, I'm not exactly single. There's a certain fella in my life who may or may not recognize this date as a reason to celebrate our not single-ness. But I'm kind of hoping he doesn't. Because I think people are celebrating (or not celebrating) for the wrong reasons. Valentine's Day shouldn't just be about romantic love. It should be about love in general. About spreading love. Telling someone you appreciate them for all that they are. Love your friends. Love your family. Love your pets! And if there's a someone in your life who you wish would just wake up and notice you...well, use this day as a reason to make your move. Tell them how you feel. Write them a note. Plant a big, fat smooch on them. If they look at you like you've grown a second head, tell them I told you to do it. 

Often we find love when we least expect it. The same is true for my hero and heroine in my latest release, CHEAPSKATES IN LOVE. 

Here's the blurb: 

It’s couples' skating night down at the local rink and Elena Armstrong can’t seem to keep her cocky jock blind date around long enough to knee him in the balls. Sadly, she was too much of a cheapskate to pay for a membership to an online dating site and based everything on Leonard’s personality profile alone. Big mistake.

At the opposite end of the rink, Ben Kessel, another cheapskate on a blind date with Iris, the ice princess, is having a similarly miserable time. Elena, a hater of all things sports-related, inches out into the skating world butt-first and collides with Ben. After sharing their hilarious and horrifying dates-gone-wrong stories, the two disappear and make everything right again on the floor in the players’ dressing room. Almost everything. They forget to exchange numbers. Now these two cheapskates need to make the ultimate sacrifice: pay for a membership to the online dating site so they can track ea
ch other down. But is the possibility of love really worth the price of $24.95 per month?

FIVE lucky entrants will win an e-copy of this quirky, comical tale! To be eligible, tell me about the cheapest thing you've ever done. Be sure to leave your name and contact information in your comment! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take some time to visit the other participating blogs below! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #1!

Good morning, friends! You might have noticed a slight alteration to my usual Sunday blog title. That's because Six Sentence Sunday has come to a close. But, thanks to some awesomely fantastic people, we authors have a new way of sharing bits and pieces of ourselves and our stories via the Weekend Writing Warriors! Woooohoooo! Oh, and best news of all, I'm technically allowed to post eight sentences now. EIGHT WHOLE SENTENCES. My life freaking rocks. :D Today, I decided to bust out eight extremely strange sentences from a story I wrote a number of years ago. I share it now because I'm feeling a bit sniffly and stuffy. Seems fitting.

I present to you...The Cold War

“The attack will commence in T minus two minutes,” Olfacto informed his troops. His jaw was set in a firm line. A thin sheen of sweat had formed over his brow, but his eyes were cold, hard, experienced in the world of battle, and detached from compassion. Only the strongest survived, and he intended to persevere.

“It’s a dark path we follow, men,” their commander continued. “Be alert, look for the openings, and whatever you do, stay away from the Cilia.”

Twelve men fought aboard The Rhinovirus. A sister ship, The Coronavirus, was commandeered by Mucosa, a warrior as accomplished and relentless as Olfacto himself. 

If this doesn't make sense yet, it will soon enough. ;) Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here next week! I'll bake cookies!