All About Evelyn

You want to know me? Really? You sure? Okay, here goes....

I love to sing. I love to dance. Underpants go under your pants. I love peanut butter. If it was socially acceptable to coat my entire body in the gooey goodness I would do so on a daily basis. The only substance that can come close in awesomeness is Nutella. If you've never had a spoonful of Nutella out of the freezer, go and take care of that right now. I'll wait. 

You good? Okay. I am a sports fiend. A karaoke fanatic. I juggle like a clown, and I mime like a . . . well, mime. I can now add hula hooping aficionado to my resum√©. 

I really enjoy writing. I bet you'd never guess that about me. I even like to read on occasion too, preferably smutty stories. I'm a registered Smutaholic®

I drive a soccer mom van named Forrest, but I don't have any children or a husband. Yet. I used to want seven children, just like Maria von Trapp. Then I watched one too many 'Baby Stories' on TLC and OMG, the horror of child birth. I think three or four children will do just fine. 

I've danced with Ellen DeGeneres on national television. I have over 45 pairs of toe socks. I wear socks in my sandals. I've broken six bones, had stitches three times, wore braces, and even sported some stylish headgear. I also wore that headgear to school. Multiple times. In grade five. 

I have an amazing family, equally amazing friends, and I'm one of the happiest gals you'll ever meet. Positivity is my mantra. :)

Aaaaaand that's me in a nutshell! Mmm...nuts.