Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go....

When you wanna be a promo whore. I'm telling you, it's exhausting work. First, let's take a time out and celebrate the fact that I am now an official author! My first release, Blind Faith, is now on Amazon and all the other cool e-book hangouts!

You want a link? Well, why didn't you just say so? 


Yeah, there's five. That should hold you for a while. What else, what else? Oh! I'm going places! Well, blog places, anyway. 

Today I'm at Long and Short Reviews. On Thursday I'm guesting on Taryn Raye's blog. Next Sunday I'll be at A Passion for Romance with Krista Ames. A week from today I'm on the Menagerie Authors Blog for my first of three visits! Oh, and at some point this week I'll be on Karen Stivali's blog!

Phew. I think that's it. I'll be posting links on my facebook and twitter accounts so you can keep tabs on me. Wishing you all a week as exciting as mine! :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #3!

Hey, hi, hello! Happy Sunday, my friends! Here's my latest Six Sentence Sunday excerpt. It's from a little hot and steamy story called Blind Faith. It might also interest you to know that this is the release week for Blind Faith, my first published story! *does the official author happy dance* :D Enjoy!

Her panties stretched taut, the straining elastic biting into her thighs. The friction of the slick satin sliding against their flesh ratcheted the pleasure into uncharted territories. Adrian drove into her faster, gaining strength from every satisfied hum that escaped from her throat.

The denim tangled around her right leg rasped his skin, marking him, branding him as her own. The broken zipper scraped his firm ass with every pass. Faith slowed, fighting the climax that threatened to overtake her.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - Part Deux

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!! :)

I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday once again. This excerpt is from my current WIP, called 'Borderline Lovers'. It's possible it's based on a true story. ;) Enjoy!

“Citizenship?” he asked.

She cocked her head to the side and studied him. Smooth, straight nose with a slight bump on the bridge, eyelashes that made her ache with envy, wavy jet-black hair that begged a girl to get all tangled up in…“Hmmm, I would guess either Greek or Spanish.”

“I meant you.”

Madison frowned. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday!

Gooood morning, friends! 

I've always believed that sharing is caring, which is precisely why I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday! This excerpt is from a mime/clown wedding story I recently completed, called 'All Action, No Talk'. Hope you enjoy!

He looked nothing and everything like the man she’d grown to love, all put together in a suit and tie, shy and vulnerable and beautiful.
“You’re here.” Her voice cracked on the last word and she hated that more than the idiotic statement itself.
He nodded and his grin deepened, sharpening the lines that bracketed his mouth, lines that told the tale of a thousand soundless stories.
She closed the distance between them but stopped just shy of launching herself at him. Probably not the best thing for an almost-married lady to be doing with a man that she wasn’t almost-marrying but wished to heaven she was.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why I could never be a nun....

I love smut! I love reading it. I love writing it. Sometimes I roll around naked in it. Not really. But I have been known to sleep with a dirty book a time or two. Having that hard spine next to me really gets me all hot and bothered. :D 

I'm not really sure when I first started loving smut. Perhaps it was that night at the dinner table when I sat on that ridiculous pine cone. No, it was more of a gradual thing. But once I was hooked, I was hooked beyond all reason. I even earned the title ®Smutaholic. I might have given myself that title. I still need to make a t-shirt with that on it. *adds to to-do list* Why do I love smut so much, you ask? Because I am a single woman and I have needs. Because it makes me feel all warm and tingly inside. Because smut is yummy. I don't read trashy stuff. I prefer my smut to have a story. I even enjoy a little romantic fluff with my smut. Smuff, if you will. 

Now, I know you're all wondering when I started writing smut. Well, I can't give you an exact date on that either (May 20, 2008). I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone so I wrote a short story with just a splash of naughtiness. It was like a drug for me. Since then, nearly every story I've written has the smutty. It's not that I can't write a story without it. I can even read a story without it, but when Mr. Sexy and Miss Hot Stuff have their happily ever after, I would like a little bow-chicka-wow-wow to tie things up in a neat little, delicious package. 

There are a few go-to authors on my list when I'm needing a smut fix. Numbers one and two are Margaret Ethridge and Maggie Wells. I'm a lucky girl because I happen to be friends with them, and sometimes I get a sneak peek at the hotness before it winds up in my new favourite book. Beth Kery is another favourite. I've heard good things about Evelyn Jules too. Oops. Where did that come from? ;)

So, friends, tell me, do you enjoy a side of smut with your story? Or do you prefer a side of story with your smut? Who are your favourite smut authors? *gets pen ready*

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cover Candy!

Hello, hello! 

Hope all my Canucks had a spectacular Canada Day and I hope all my American friends had a very happy Fourth of July! I figured I'd add to the celebration and share a couple covers for you to drool over. The first is for my upcoming release, Blind Faith. Guess what? I have a release date! It'll be yours to enjoy starting the week of July 29th!!! Wanna see it? Okay!

How hot is this cover? I'll answer for you: SMOKIN' hot! In other awesome news, I will have a story featured in the Turquoise Morning Press Passionate Exhibitions Anthology releasing in October! My story is called Human Touch. It's possible that it's set in a phallological museum. Google if you must. ;) Oh, you want to see a cover for it too? Well, why didn't you say so!

Again, I ask you, how hot is this cover? I am a lucky, lucky girl! My BFF, Maggie Wells, will be featured in this anthology as well. Stop by her blog and say hello! 

Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay tuned for the next post where I will share with you why I could never be a nun. Or something like that. :P