Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh, the places you'll go....

When you wanna be a promo whore. I'm telling you, it's exhausting work. First, let's take a time out and celebrate the fact that I am now an official author! My first release, Blind Faith, is now on Amazon and all the other cool e-book hangouts!

You want a link? Well, why didn't you just say so? 


Yeah, there's five. That should hold you for a while. What else, what else? Oh! I'm going places! Well, blog places, anyway. 

Today I'm at Long and Short Reviews. On Thursday I'm guesting on Taryn Raye's blog. Next Sunday I'll be at A Passion for Romance with Krista Ames. A week from today I'm on the Menagerie Authors Blog for my first of three visits! Oh, and at some point this week I'll be on Karen Stivali's blog!

Phew. I think that's it. I'll be posting links on my facebook and twitter accounts so you can keep tabs on me. Wishing you all a week as exciting as mine! :)

:) :( ;) :D :-/ :x :P :-* =(( :-0 X( :7 B-) #:-S :(( :)) =)) :-B :-c :)] ~x( :-h I-) =D7 @-) :-w 7:P 2):) :!! \m/ :-q :-bd ^#(^


  1. You really do get around. Now spread it ... the message. ;) Have fun hopping around.

  2. I know. I'm a tramp and proud of it. ;) Thank you! Hope you'll come visit me!

  3. You really are a promo ho! Go, Evelyn!

    1. Now I'm kicking myself because 'ho' would have rhymed much better than 'whore'. And thank you, Maggie! :)