Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Online Dating 101 - Love Stories

Good morning, class! Have I ever got a treat for you today! My dear, sweet almost-sis-in-law, Krista, is here to share the story of how she met my brother, Jeff, online. Krista is the sister I always wanted but never knew I truly needed. We wrestle, we make fun of each other, we goof around together, we even go shopping together (for dresses of all things *shudder*), and, best of all, we love each other. Or we try to, at least. ;) I think you'll all love her too after reading this charming story. Take it away, Krista!

The most interesting observation I've made when telling people I met my fiance on a dating website is their reaction. To call it a mixed bag would be an enormous understatement. They fall into three distinct categories: the "Oh! Good for you!" crowd…We all know them. Somehow they always have a "lonely aunt who lived on her couch for 15 years with her tuna can-eating cats and decided to try online dating too", and poof, she's married now! Then there's the "Ha Ha! Yeah right!…No?…Seriously!…Seriously???" crowd. They launch into stories about how people can't possibly be that good looking in their photos. 'Why else would they be on a dating site!' to your face. Right after telling them that you're on a dating website. But then there's the third category. My favourite. I call this crowd the "Aww!" crowd. These people get it. They're either looking for themselves, looking for someone else, or have found love. They appreciate a great love story. They understand the challenges that come with looking for your mate, and they get that it doesn't always come in the traditional way. 

I met Jeff just over a year ago on eHarmony. Our story began when the random cyber gods decided to run our photos past each other's profile. The rest was left up to us. As soon as I saw his face the night I logged in, I knew that he needed to meet me, because I needed to meet him. He had these rascal blue eyes and a smile that went on for days that just kept me coming back to look. I was hooked. 

He sent me a wink. Saweet. 

So I sent him my likes and dislikes. *eHarmony has a billion questions that you have to answer and a guided communication process that can only be likened to Victorian courting rituals*. He sent back his likes and dislikes. Mini fist pump in the air. 

So I sent him some questions about life, love, etc. He sent me some back. But gasp! I went to open what he wrote and it froze. It kept freezing on my screen for 5 days after. This was not good. All I could read from his response to "Describe three things that you bring to a relationship" was "garlic recipe for years". It cut off mid-sentence and wouldn't let me read further. What if it said "I would make you my garlic recipe for years and years, until we grow old"? It could say anything. Clearly I was not being rational. So I decided to be practical. I called eHarmony. They fixed the problem. We were good to go. 

So I wrote back this hilarious story about what had happened and tried to come off as charming and witty. And then I waited. And waited some more. Maybe I had missed the mark? Not enough cool and Rico Suave, Krista?

Little did I know that Jeff was having the same issues on his end. WTF, eHarmony! You make us believe in your magic, get us crushing on people, then you cruelly play cyber tricks where we feel emotionally straight-jacketed with no control?!? But I digress.

After two months of technical difficulties, we were taking no chances. The eHarmony chastity belt lifted and we could exchange phone numbers. Now we were in business. 

I could give you the details of our first date…the place, what we wore, the funny anecdotes we told. But what I remember most is that I found who I was meant to be with. My life changed the instant that I walked up and he wrapped me in his arms to say hello and hours later, goodbye. I fell in love and have kept falling in love everyday since. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

And as I close off this little tale and look down at my fiance all snuggled up in bed beside me, I think about all the people we get to tell our story to. Because love is something that should be shared. 

Awww, so true. Which is precisely the point of this blog segment. Personally, I'd rather not know why Krista wakes up with a smile on her face every morning, but I'm very happy she does. :D Hope you all enjoyed this charming and true story of online love! Stay tuned for next week's guest! 
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  1. Very cute story. I'm glad you got past the technical difficulties, that must have been frustrating. You're marrying into a crazy and loving family. Best wishes.

    1. Hey, who you callin' crazy? :P Thanks for visiting, Laurie! Glad you enjoyed the story.

  2. Love it! I'm starting to think online dating works particularly well for women named Krista, too. Extra points for the Rico Suave reference. 12 billion bonus points for having the good sense to know a keeper when you see one!

    1. No kidding! I think I should change my name to Krista. She knows a keeper family when she meets one too. ;)

  3. Awwwe NICE story! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wasn't it sweet? Makes me all warm and melty inside. :)