Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Author Interview with Maggie Wells!

Hello there! Happy Wednesday to you! Did you know that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week? Well, you do now, and it's only fitting that I host my favourite author buddy on my favourite day of the week, isn't it? The charmingly witty and flirtatious Maggie Wells is here with us to today to answer some of my burning questions and to tell us about her latest release. In case you haven't met before, that's her. *points below*

Isn't she adorable? I have the prettiest friends, everybody thinks so. 

Hey, Maggie, describe yourself in three words. Fun, flirty, and maybe a little feisty.

Any nicknames? Um, Maggie is a nickname. That’s as much as I’m willing to divulge.

Tease! :P What was your favourite Christmas present? Ever? Do you have any idea how old I am? My brother and I got matching 3-speed bikes one year. I loved that bike….

Did it have a horn? Speaking of horny things, what’s your dirtiest secret? Like I’d tell you. You’d just blab it to everyone on your blog.

Ouch! You cut me. Mags, it's time to get serious. In your opinion, what’s the most important part of the sandwich? The bread. I’m all about the carbs.

Amen, sister. Without bread...there would be no wich. Um, as authors we tend to have to research many bizarre and unusual topics. What’s the strangest thing you’ve Googled research-wise? I did some pretty extensive research on hypersexuality for a story. Not strange, but one of those things that made me think about clearing my browser cache in case anyone else logged onto my computer.

I have a sudden urge to log onto your computer. Moving on...What was your favourite childhood toy? Legos. No contest.

Good frigging call on that one. I remember getting a Lego set for one of my birthdays that had a log cabin and a plastic river I could build a bridge over and my little Lego people could go fishing off of it. It was bliss. Anyway. How about you share your favourite word or phrase with us. Tuchas. An all-around excellent word.

Fabulous choice! Do you believe in love at first sight? I live it every day.

Awwww! Maggie, that's so sweet! Since we're being all schmoopy and sentimental, what writing accomplishment are you most proud of and why? I would have to say completing the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series. I wrote 12 novellas in just over 10 months. It was a ton of work, but so much fun.

That's an incredible accomplishment! Congratulations! I can say first-hand that the St. Blaise collection is a masterpiece. I got a sneak peek. *preens* If you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose? I don’t even know where to start with this. I can’t think of a single year I would live over. I can think of a few I wouldn’t want to repeat.

When I was seventeen, it was a very good year...What’s the funniest/weirdest/dirtiest status message you’ve posted on a social networking site? @MaggieWells1 Pardon me while I go tongue kiss some linemen! #wevegotthepower  What can I say? Five days with no lights, internet, or hot water is a long time.

Quick and dirty: Yes, please. Both. Oh. Was I supposed to answer that one?
Cake or pie? I prefer cake, but I’m not opposed to pie.
Jocks or nerds? This is tough for me because I love sports, but I do adore a nerdy guy.
Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke, but if I have to drink regular soda, I prefer Pepsi.
Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs.
Poolside or beach? Oh, I’m a ce-ment pond kind of girl. Love the scent of chlorine.
Pancakes or waffles? Waffles!
Baked or fried? I’m not sure what food this refers to, but fried is always better. Always.

Aaaaaand, last but not least, tell us about your new book!

Jumping Mr. January is the first book in my 12-novella Hot Nights in St. Blaise series. 

*fans self* Talk about a smokin' hot cover. Here’s the premise:
When the St. Blaise Regional Medical Center Board of Directors hired hometown girl, Beth Watkins, to jump start their public relations, they never imagined she’d be stripping their most prominent doctors, nurses, and support staff down to their birthday suits in order to beef up the hospital’s bank account.

Six men and six women were chosen to represent the best and brightest of this little town nestled in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest. They also happened to be the hottest tickets in town. Soon the fundraising calendar is spiking temperatures throughout the Show Me state, and the men and women of St. Blaise are setting their small-town nights on fire.

And the blurb for Jumping Mr. January:
When she pitched the idea for The Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar to her Board of Directors, Beth Watkins thought she wrote the perfect prescription for the small town hospital’s budget shortfall.The moment she got a green light, Beth went after the man she wanted to be her Mr. January and so much more.

She had no time to waste.

Hunky EMT Robert ‘Spence’ Spencer was leaving for medical school within weeks of the photo shoot she arranged and there was no way on earth Beth was going to miss the chance to sneak a peek at her old high school crush in all his glory.

Focused and dedicated, Spence wants bigger things than his hometown can offer, but when brainy, sexy Beth Watkins breezes into St. Blaise with a plan to get into his pants, he finds she’s the one woman who can offer him something he doesn’t want to refuse.

Mmm, mmm, mmmm...Be sure and visit Maggie's website for a taste of each delicious St. Blaise story coming in 2013!

You can get yourself a hotter than hot copy of Jumping Mr. January at the following locations: 
Turquoise Morning Press Bookstore

Thank you so much for being here with us, Maggie, and I wish you the best of luck with your new series! :) As for the rest of you, be sure and leave a comment because Maggie told me she has a copy of Jumping Mr. January for one lucky reader!! 
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  1. Howdy Miss Maggie. Great answers to the questions. You should be proud of your accomplishment in regards to St Blaise.It's very hot and smoldering. See what I did there? Blaise ... hot It sounded like it was hard ... work. Love Mr. January can't wait for the rest.

    1. Oh, Laurie. You are so punny. :D I can't wait for the rest, either! Thanks for commenting!

    2. I expect nothing less from a smokin' hot punster like you, Laurie!

  2. Wow, 12 novellas in under 10 months?! How are you still able to type or breathe? But congratulations on that amazing feat! And Julyn, I loved how you not so subtly segued from a horn on a bike to horny things, lol!

    I love the blurb! It's like a hot firefighter calender only with sexy docs and nurses. You get a rousing "hell, yes!" from me.

    Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway!


    1. I know, right? She's a marvel!

      It's amazing how quickly I can make something dirty. I think it's a gift. ;) Trust me when I say that you will absolutely LOVE St. Blaise, Michmantic! :) Thank you so much for commenting!

    2. At least you're doing us GutterSisters proud ;) I'm adding it to my TBR list! And you're most welcome! Mwah!

    3. Woohooo! You're the best! :) GutterSisters forevah!

    4. Thanks, Michelle! I hope you give it a shot.

  3. You directed me to come say hi, so.... Hi!

    That was a fun interview to read. And congrats on the St. Blaise series, I'm definitely looking forward to the next 11 months. :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for coming! :D This year is gonna rock, eh, Christine?!

  4. I am so excited about this cool monthly series that is coming up this year. I read the January story and I am eagerly waiting to read February.

    PS I totally agree with you about fried foods! *high fives*

    1. Fried foods are da bomb! Thanks for stopping by, Michelle!