Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #18!

So apparently June has decided that it wants to kill me. This month is chaaaaooos, people! Complete and utter insanity! I am busy to the extreme! My brother's wedding last weekend was a smashing success, btw. I got smashed...Success! :D All it took was one glass of champagne and half a glass of wine. Oh, and a Shirely Temple. Also, I was told by at least 18 people that my speech was the best. True story. This weekend I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Lori Foster RAGT. If you're in the area, be sure to swing by the Cincinnati Marriott North for a little one-on-one with yours truly. 

In the meantime, have a gander at another eight from my soon-to-be-released clown/mime love story, 'All Action, No Talk', featured in The Wedding Day Collection!


A slow smile spread across her face. “You can talk.” She covered her mouth when a giddy laugh escaped.

Clasping the hand that still pressed to his chest, he whispered, “Don’t blow my cover.” She nodded, hypnotized by the color of his eyes from up close—aquamarine with flecks of copper and gold. Like an ocean filled with treasures. “And don’t marry that guy.”

Here's the blurb: 

Alice Moore is a clown . . . in love with a mime.

Her parents have never approved of her circus-oriented lifestyle and in effort to deter her from wasting her life clowning around, they set her up with family friend, Grant Humphrey. A practical man. A businessman. And the last man on earth she wants to marry, but here she is, marching down the aisle toward him.

Alex Holiday is a mime . . . in love with a clown.

He’s silently followed Alice from venue to venue on the circus circuit, working alongside her, worshiping her in secret. He’s never been able to tell her how he feels . . . until now. When he catches wind of the upcoming wedding, he vows to put a stop to it. But will his objection be too late?

Want more? Be sure to get yourself a copy when the collection goes on sale this week! :) Thanks so much for visiting, and say hello to all the other Weekend Writing Warriors out there! 

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  1. I love it.
    The first time she ever hear him speak he tells her not to marry that guy.
    It's so romantic.

  2. Love the don' blow my cover line. Nicely done.
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  3. Wow, his eyes sound dreamy, loved the description. I SO want to read this story! Excellent excerpt...

  4. 'like an ocean filled with treasures' - just beautiful! Great 8)

  5. Lovely 8. I love the description of his eyes especially.

  6. I agree with everyone else. The eyes have it! Beautiful!

  7. Another great eight there.