Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #79!

Goooooooood morning, Vietnam! Er, Warriors! Hope you're all doing well! I'm not gonna beat around the bush. I think we all know why we're here. In a word: George. ;) 

Here's the blurb for Crossing the Line: Madison Kelly is an erotic romance author from Canada on her way to her first ever writing conference. Across the border. A trunk full of dirty books and dildos proves enough to amp up her nerves and make her lips flap faster than the maple leaf flag.
But she's not going anywhere until George Petropoulos gives the go-ahead.
The Greek god of a border guard has something other than national security in mind when he detains this particular citizen. He can’t help but be charmed by the juxtaposition between her stammering blushes and the racy books she writes.
A hot and heavy interrogation brings out her inner sex goddess, one that she’s been hiding in the pages of her books, and leaves them both wanting more. But will they be brave enough to cross the line again? 

And here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off:
Her smile melted into a contented sigh as he spread his fingers and squeezed. “His strong but gentle hand squeezed her thigh, making her tremble all over.”
Amusement, clear as day, lit his features. His eyes crinkled in the corners. His lips quirked. He tucked his chin to his chest and she took the opportunity to admire him. The way the muscles in his shoulders bunched. His perfectly shaped ears, and the light blush that highlighted his cheeks.

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to visit the other Weekend Writing Warriors! Remember, George can be yours for less than a buck! Crossing the Line is now available at all your favourite online retailers! 

This has been such an awesome weekend! I spent time with my teachers' college peeps, one of my best girlfriends, and my favourite professor and mentor from my university days. While you're reading this, I'm probably stuck in traffic on the way back home, but there's undoubtedly a giant smile on my face. Kinda like this one: :D Wishing everyone a wonderful day and week ahead!

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  1. You were so happy that for some reason you doubled the first sentence-"squeezed her thighs" Always delightful, I enjoy the concept of your story and your writing.

  2. All right, this little tiny snippet had me grinning like a fool. I love the use of her words to get him to blush. These two are so much fun. :)

  3. Awww, she likes his ears! and he blushes! Loving the story, great 8!

  4. He's pretty adorable. I have to admit.

  5. He seems to be enjoying this.