Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #81!

Hey, folks! Welcome back to another week of fun! Thanks so much to everyone for the encouraging comments from last week. I'm gonna share another snippet from the same story, Adventures in Online Dating. To give you a little background, my heroine's name is Sydney, and her best friend, Grace, has none-so-gently nudged her into the world of online dating. They're both perusing her matches at the moment. 

Here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off: 
“Ooh, look, this guy’s a musician. You like musicians, don’t you, Syd?”
            “Why, because I’m a musician?”
            “Well, it’s a good start,” Grace said, shrugging. “Wait, maybe he’s not really a musician. I’m not sure being a Guitar Hero guru qualifies him as a musician, but hey, it’ll at least give you a topic for conversation.” She stood on slightly wobbly legs to retrieve the bottle of wine and topped up each of their glasses; hers required much more topping up. “I’m sure he isn’t a dignified pianist in a renowned orchestra like the incomparable Sydney Montrose, but he might be charming in his own way.” 

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Well, I'm still a gimp with this torn meniscus of mine, so I decided to move back home with the 'rents for a while until I start teaching again in September. I know what I'll teach on the first day to my students: how not to injure yourself. :D I must say I'm quite enjoying this hospital. I get hugs whenever I need them, three square meals a day (including snacks), and satellite TV. I've become a TV junkie again and I'm okay with that. Wishing you all a fabulous, injury-free week ahead! :)
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  1. Sorry to you are injured. Wishing you a speedy recover. Enjoyed the snippet.
    Juneta at Writer's Gambit

  2. Love the dialogue. You've painted a scene I could walk right into. Online dating-beware.

    Take care withe miniscus. YIKES. Been there-Done that with knee surgery. Good recovery though.

  3. I gotta confess, there's always been something sexy about the musician -- even if he's only a guitar hero musician.

  4. Speaking as someone who writes about hot rock stars, I love the conversation between the girls about the guitar hero musician. Very entertaining snippet! Get well soon.

  5. LOL Guitar Hero guru hahahahaha Love it! I'm sure he'll be a fountain of useful information.

    The 8 this week was just as fun as last week. It's easy to see the ease of the girls' friendship as they interact.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Charming in his own way can be good...I always enjoy the way you write dialog. Terrific snippet!

  7. Oh, the poor dear...her 'help' doesn't seem like much help at all. lol.

  8. Hope you'll be back on your feet quickly. Fab snippet. Love the exchange and the way you set the scene with the bottle of wine.

  9. Ooh, sounds like a surgery is in your near future with a torn meniscus. I'll pray for a surgeon with steady hands and a quick recovery! Loved your snippet today as always. This sounds like another fun one!

  10. Looking forward to see what adventures Sydney gets pushed into by her good friend and a bottle of wine -- there's a great combination! Going home and letting the parents pamper you is a really good idea. Sorry you're hurt, though. Luckily a bum knee doesn't stop you from writing, right? (Hee, typed Lukeily the first time! I have no idea where that came from...) Get better!

  11. There's a difference between having interests in common and skills in common. A musician wouldn't get along with someone who doesn't like music, but they don't need another musician, necessarily.

    Hope you heal quickly!

  12. Definitely foreshadows the other guy.