Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #107!

Well, I'm back! Back on Canadian soil, er, snow after a fantabulous Las Vegas vacation with my best girls! I'll share some of the deets shortly, but for now, how's about another eight sentences from Adventures in Online Dating?

Here's the blurb: After too many failed relationships, too many shots of tequila, and too many not-so-gentle nudges from her best friend, Sydney Montrose joins an online dating site in hopes of finding THE ONE. During her adventures, she crosses paths with a professional gamer who lives with his parents, a sweet and sarcastic parking enforcement officer, a flirty barista, a mystery man, a touchy-feely former felon, and a clown. Which one will she choose? Well, that's all entirely up to you! :-D

And here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off: 

He tucked a stray tendril of hair behind her ear. “Have I told you how incredible you look?”
            Chills--from his words, from his touch. “Thank you.”
            For a split second, she thought Charlie was going to kiss her, but instead, like the gentleman he was, he took a step back and released a shaky breath.
            “Sydney, I know this is a bit forward of me, but do you wanna see my trunk?”
            She laughed at the goofy grin on his face as much as the invitation itself. “I thought you’d never ask.” 

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So...Vegas. You know, I never really cared if I ever visited Sin City before I actually visited Sin City. Now I can't imagine my life without it. There is just SO much to see and do. The moment you arrive, the excitement and the energy wraps around you and won't let go. We gambled (I won four times in a row at the roulette table!), we watched the water dance in front of The Bellagio, saw the volcano erupt at the Mirage, got jiggy with it on Fremont Street, and then zip lined all the way down it, enjoyed many a sensational desert sunset, and basked in the beauty of the mountains that surrounded us. All in all, it was the most perfect getaway. Can't wait to go back! :) Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! 

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  1. *Snort* Of course she wants to see his trunk! Ha, these two crazy kids are clearly meant for each other.
    Glad you had such a great time in Vegas!

  2. Trunk? Is that what they call it in Canada? So sweet and delightful.
    Happy to know no one captured you in Vegas. Exciting place and you winning at roulette is a WOW!

  3. Coming from him, an invitation to see his trunk is perfect! Great snippet as always.

  4. He's definitely sweet. She might have to ask for that kiss, instead of waiting for it!

  5. Ooh! What's he got in his trunk? ;)