Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #118!

Greetings, friends and fellow writers! Happy Sunday! Ready for more Adventures in Online Dating? Okay, here goes!

Le blurb: After too many failed relationships, too many shots of tequila, and too many not-so-gentle nudges from her best friend, Sydney Montrose joins an online dating site in hopes of finding THE ONE. During her adventures, she crosses paths with a professional gamer who lives with his parents, a sweet and sarcastic parking enforcement officer, a flirty barista, a mystery man, a touchy-feely former felon, and a clown. Which one will she choose? Well, that's all entirely up to you! :-D

And here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off. Joe just stepped outside to top up the money in his parking meter, or so he claimed.  

Maybe it was good he was checking the meter. It showed that he was responsible, frugal...or a broke online gamer who lived with his parents. Whatever the case, his absence gave her a golden opportunity to dump the remainder of her drink in the garbage. As she stood to do just that, the man at the table next to hers chuckled. 
            “I wondered how long it would take you to do that.”
            She smiled in response after disposing of the evidence, then returned to her seat.
            “Don’t worry,” he continued. “Your secret’s safe with me.” 

Ooh, now who is this mystery man? We'll find out more next week. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to visit the other Weekend Writing Warriors! 

Well, this has been a busy weekend for me. I drove back home to visit the fam to celebrate Mother's Day, Dad's birthday, and my baby nephew's first baby shower! Such excitement! Later today I'll hit the road and head back to Ottawa, but for now I'll soak up as much baby time as possible. He's the most beautiful, perfect little boy in the world, though I might be a touch biased. Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead! :)
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  1. Love, love, love this snippet and I so enjoy bits of your fam life way up there.

  2. Clever move dumping her drink! Good luck Aunty. Enjoy those bubby cuddles while you can.

  3. I'm still guessing she's been deserted so I'm quite happy to have a mystery man appear in the plot! Lots of twists and turns. Great snippet to move things forward...

  4. Quick! Talk to this guy, he sounds...normal!

  5. I'm still waiting to see if the other guy comes back. lol Terrific excerpt!

  6. I'm always a little thrown by strangers commenting on my conversations, because I don't listen to other people talking. But I vote for anyone but gamer boy!

  7. mystery man! I love mystery men

  8. I already think she's better off with the mystery man than the meter reader.

  9. So many men, so little time! Things could get interesting if Joe comes back.