Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #140!

Hiiiiii! It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canuckland! I'm thankful for a lot of things--my family, my health, all the incredible opportunities I've been given, and each and every one of you lovely people. Thanks for your endless support and enthusiasm! I'm also thankful for words and being able to express them, so without further ado, I'll share some with you! 

Here's the blurb for Adventures in Online Dating: After too many failed relationships, too many shots of tequila, and too many not-so-gentle nudges from her best friend, Sydney Montrose joins an online dating site in hopes of finding THE ONE. During her adventures, she crosses paths with a professional gamer who lives with his parents, a sweet and sarcastic parking enforcement officer, a flirty barista, a mystery man, a touchy-feely former felon, and a clown. Which one will she choose? Well, that's all entirely up to you! :-D

In the last excerpt, Mr. Parking Enforcement Officer told Syd that she should have put money in her own meter and worried less about her date's. We'll continue from there in 3, 2, 1....

“That’s completely beside the point.”
            He laughed long and hard as he took a step closer. “Not to me.”
            Now that he stood in front of her, she finally looked him over--tall and tan and young, but not too young, and yummy. His eyes were green with flecks of gold, warm and inviting. Freckles dotted his nose and the tops of his cheeks, lucky whiskers outlined his mouth, and lips that looked softer than rose petals curved upwards. The sound of his melodic laughter still floated in her ears and enticed a smile that was beyond her control. “Officer....”
            “Patrick,” he supplied.
            “Patrick, um, could you find it in your heart to let me off the hook this one time?
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I have some exciting news! The final installment of Online Mating, the steamed-up version of this story, is now live for your reading pleasure on SilkWords! I hope you'll all stop by to read it! Have a wonderful weekend!! :)
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  1. Great descriptions! Will her let her off?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I personally, am thankful for hot men, real or imagined. Patrick sounds delicious!

  3. Fine excerpt and description and oh the Patrick! Take him.

  4. Well, that excerpt and he were yummy : ) Slurp!

  5. Great description - especially the part about his lips curved upwards like rose petals. I do love roses. :)

  6. Somehow I have the feeling that soon Syd will not want Officer Patrick to let her go at all!

    Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on the final installment! Now, stop molesting minions and go write more.

  7. He certainly does sound appealing! Congratulations on the whole SilkWords experience, how it went well.

  8. Love his reply--it is the point to him. In fact it's his job. I don't see her getting away without a ticket.

  9. Is this it?? Is HE the one?? All the guys she's met online, and the one that sort of happenstances into her life has got to be it!!

    I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, Evelyn! It's always nice to stop and reflect on the things we're grateful for. :-)