Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #148!

Hey there, everybody! Happy Sunday! I've got a jam-packed day ahead, so let's just jump right into Adventures in Online Dating! 

Here's the blurb: After too many failed relationships, too many shots of tequila, and too many not-so-gentle nudges from her best friend, Sydney Montrose joins an online dating site in hopes of finding THE ONE. During her adventures, she crosses paths with a professional gamer who lives with his parents, a sweet and sarcastic parking enforcement officer, a flirty barista, a mystery man, a touchy-feely former felon, and a clown. Which one will she choose? Well, that's all entirely up to you! :-D

And here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off:

Patrick took a closer inspection of the car they were standing next to and hit her with another toe-curling smile. “This one’s five minutes over time.”
            “Hit ‘em hard.”
            He laughed. “No mercy, huh?”
            She shook her head.
            “Not even after I gave you a break?”
            “Hey, I earned that break after enduring the date from Hell.”
            “I even gave you a twenty minute buffer before I started writing the ticket.”
            “You did?”
            A faint blush colored his cheeks as he confessed, “I’m not always so good at my job.”

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Well, my friends, today's a big day. The BF and I are celebrating three months of being able to see each other's faces! I seriously can't believe it's already been three months since our first date, but at the same time, I feel like I've known him forever. Things are still going wonderfully. I'm so looking forward to the holidays and all the festivities that await. Wishing all of you a magical week ahead! :)

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  1. Romance, isn't it wonderful.Some enchanted evening, you will meet a stranger. . .across a crowed room.
    I love your story and love your real life story even more. Best of good wishes.

  2. Aw, so he's really a softie under that tough parking enforcement exterior. Very nice!
    Congratulations on your 3-months anniversary!

    Putting on my moderator hat, I have to mention that you have 11 sentences here and our limit is 10. Normally we delete links from our linky list if somebody goes over 10, but you're usually good about counting so we'll leave you a reminder this week without deleting.

  3. all of her choices are such sweet guys :)

  4. Awww, that was sweet! Another great excerpt from this fun story...

  5. He's sweet--even if he's not good at his job for it.

  6. Oh, we have a name! Patrick, nice. Loved his blushing confession. Let's see what else Syd can get him to admit!

    So you've been together for a quarter of a year already! Pretty cool! It'll be six months before you know it!

  7. The dialogue here is so freaking cute! I can totally see the pair of them playfully bantering. Well done!