Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekend Writing Warriors #163!

Hello, my friends. Happy Sunday and happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. My gift to you: Adventures in Online Dating!

Here's the blurb: After too many failed relationships, too many shots of tequila, and too many not-so-gentle nudges from her best friend, Sydney Montrose joins an online dating site in hopes of finding THE ONE. During her adventures, she crosses paths with a professional gamer who lives with his parents, a sweet and sarcastic parking enforcement officer, a flirty barista, a mystery man, a touchy-feely former felon, and a clown. Which one will she choose? Well, that's all entirely up to you! :-D

And here's an excerpt, continuing from where we left off:

Collin scooted ever-closer to her. She should just ask him what he did, what crime he committed. He’s the one who brought up his criminal record, so it’s not like it was an out of the blue question. Gulping a breath, she blurted, “Di-did you kill someone?”
            Startled, he leaned back, blinking several times, and then he laughed. “Little less gruesome than that, sweetheart. Home invasion. Someone had some stuff of mine, I wanted it back, so I went about getting it my own way.”
            “How did that…someone get your stuff?”
            “Damn lawyers gave it to her in the divorce.”  

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I'll be spending the day with my family, having a belated birthday celebration for my dad, and taking some time to share our memories of Mom. It's gonna be a difficult day, without question, but being together will make it infinitely easier. Hug your moms tight today, my friends. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! :)
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  1. Uh, well, at least it wasn't murder. You should be fine as long as you don't take "his stuff." :-)

    Hope the day goes well for you- sounds like a great plan.

  2. Terrific snippet with a funny punch line. As for you, dear friend, my heart goes out to all of your family.

  3. Sounds like Colin has an interesting past and that he's the type of guy to go after what he wants! I think Syd should stick around to get the full story!

    (You'll be in my heart today.)

  4. Aha! I'm beginning to think he might not be so bad after all.

  5. Extra special hug to you today, my friend. Enjoyed the excerpt, this guy has problems even if he isn't a murderer. I think she should move on to one of her many other choices!

  6. Hahahaha, so it wasn't technically his stuff anymore. He seems to have issues. I wonder if he will try to get that stuff back again or if he learned his lesson.

  7. Nope, nope! This man is country-song crazy, run away!

  8. LOL. That was good. Clearly not the best choice.

  9. This admission definitely adds an element of threat to the relationship.